Town Hall Project Status

The roof has been replaced, and the structural integrity of the building has been buttressed up. The next phase will be to bring the building into ADA compliance with the addition of an elevator, and creation of handicap-accessible bathrooms. This will allow us to use the upstairs for many community activities, including bringing Town Meeting back into the Town Hall. Additional deferred maintenance items include:

  • Energy efficiency - replace the old furnace, replace windows, add insulation. These will save money through energy savings in the future.
  • Health and safety - wiring, outdoor lighting, install elevator so the rickety stairs don't create a falling hazard. Dirt floor in basement may contain hazardous chemicals
  • Functional space - many Town Boards and Committees need a meeting space, which is not available through the town. The Grange Hall is not large enough for big community meetings. The Town Hall is running out of storage space for required document storage. The basement would be used for that purpose.

The photos below are in chronological order. Please click on any photo to see it in full size.

Inside old projection booth

Old Projection Booth

Opening of Buttresses

Window Revealed!

Working on a South Buttress

Crane bringing in a C Channel

Close up of a C Channel

Work in Progress

Working on a South Buttress

Craning beams into the attic

Turn Buckle

Ceiling Damage
More coming soon....